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Six Ways to Make Your Email Subject Line Less Spammy

The world of B2B email marketing is always changing.  What many miss out on is creating a great email subject line.  In this article we will discuss ways to make your subject line less spammy.  But Before we do that let’s talk about why this is so crucial.

For one thing, it makes your email more appealing and will actually boost your email open rates!   Next, it gives back value and provides trust within your email subscribers and you. Fun fact, a shocking 69% of readers will automatically ditch your email to the spam folder if they are disinterested in the subject line alone  

Okay lecture over class, let’s get into creative ways to make your email subject lines less spammy.

  1. Instill the Fear of “Missing Out”

One reason that this works so well is because people value their life and want to live it to the fullest,/  That being said, psychologically speaking, it provides people with a feeling of urgency, and need. Let’s look at a few brands and how they are doing this:

Guess:  Tonight Only.  A Denim Lover’s Dream

JetBlue: “You’re Missing Out On Points”.

Short and to the point, these email subject lines will make your messages less spammy.

2.  Curiosity

It is a known fact that as humans, we don’t like the unknown.  This alone, makes us hungry for knowledge and a yearn to close the gaps of mystery in the veil of the unknown.  

To do this in an email subject line you can ask your reader a question, reward them with something interesting, or say something either unique or out of the norm.

Let’s take a look at two examples:

Chubbies: “Hologram Shorts?!”

The Hustle: “A Faster Donkey”

3.  That’s Hilarious!

It’s a scientifically proven fact that laughter really is the best medicine!  Which is why your email subject line can benefit from being more funny and less spammy.  It also is a known factor that laughter also provides relaxation and stress relief. Here is two examples of how to make your email list less spammy by adding in humor:

Eater Boston: “Where to Drink Beer Now”( sent in the early morning on a weekday)”

Tictail:”Boom Shakalak! Let’s Get Started”

4.  Let’s Get Pretty!

It’s no mystery that humans like to look and feel good.  You can this tactic and make your email subject line by so spammy.  Take a look at these two examples:

Guess:”Don’t Wear Last Year’s Styles”

Fabletics: “Your Butt Will Look Great in These Workout Pants”

5. Special Offers

This email tactic to avoid your subject line from should be used in balance.  This means discounting products with a limited time offer only. Otherwise people will never take your full price items seriously enough to convert to higher revenues.  Let’s check out two instances of this:

The Black Tux: “Get Priority Access”

Rapha: “Complimentary gift wrap on all purchases”

6. Save Your Reputation!

Another way to make your email subject lines less spammy, is to come to us at InboxIgnite.  We swim through the black hole of junk messages of doom and pull your emails out from the waves below!  We build your email reputation as well so that your emails land happily on the gentle cloud of your subscribers inbox instead of the hard floor of the junk folder!


Manda Martinotti is a freelance writer. She is also an expert in the B2B email deliverability field!

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