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How to Target Generations to Make Your B2B Email Less Spammy

In this day and age internet and Wi-Fi are found in nearly every home, office, restaurant, and any other business that you can think of!  This also means nearly every business , and individual aka entrepreneurs have an email. But did you know every generation has a little bit of a different wire when it comes to B2B email marketing?  In this article we will go over how to target generations to make your B2B email less spammy, so that your B2B email marketing techniques are on point!

Baby Boomers

Born 1946-1964

This era of business owners greatly benefit and respond to email segmentation as well as personalization such as emails targeted to their interests.  This generation is also not as keen about online shopping so when you email a business in the baby boomer era it is best that you do not speak to them as if they are a fan of email.  That means drop the hashtags and slang like a bad date! What you should focus on is having a more human personal within your emails. One way you can practice this is by practicing long form emails.

Generation X

Born 1946-1964

Generation X is like the companion animal to B2B email mareketing.  By this we mean that they are heavily loyal to brand they feel strongly about.  So this means Generation X best responds to emails that will make them feel like your B2B products are loyal to them.  Some examples of this are sending emails to thank them after making a purchase. Inviting them to a celebrity-like VIP status member, or creating some kind of program that includes perks like discounts.

Also keep in mind that these are people most like aged 30-50 this means they are most likely also busy with their children, careers, families, and home activities.  So you also may want to bear in mind that keeping things short, sweet and to the point will work better with this generation. You need to make sure that your emails can be handled on mobile devices such as phones and tablets , for this generation is also on the go.


Born 1981-1996

Studies show that this generation has a staggering 92% of individuals that own a smartphone.  Millennials constantly are on social media apps and love their music Studies have also shown that this generation will be amused and grabbed the most by video.  By 2020 video will dominate this generation’s phone usage by a whopping 80%. It would be wise to invest in an email software that allows you to embed a video on emails that you send out.  

Bear in mind with this generation that you not assume they will just buy your product just because you send a nice fancy video.  To truly gain this generation’s attention you need to make sure that you provide content that engages and entices them to share it with their friends, family, and upon social media.  

Generation Z

Born 1997 and up

Geneneration Z is all about using for personal communication needs.  This alone, is highly beneficial to B2B email marketing because you will grab theirs attention by creating emails personalized to their interests.

How to Reach Every Generation

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Manda Martinotti is a freelance writer. She is also an expert in the B2B email deliverability field!

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