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Gmail’s AI “Tensorflow” Kills B2B Business Email Marketing

Watch out B2B Business owners! Google is teaming up with their new AI program “Tensorflow”. What does this mean for your B2B business? Your email marketing game may be thrown off due to this new AI software.

Why Tensorflow is a Threat to your B2B Email Marketing

Tensorflow was designed in order to weed out the “spam” emails that gmail’s customers and users roll their eyes at. These are considered junk or “spam” emails that most people aren’t even pausing to look at. What Tensorflow is trying to do is keep users from being flooded with spam from things such as “live a better life”, “make more time for your kids”, and things such as that nature. While this may benefit individuals, this does not help you if you are a B2B, and it very well could impact your B2B business revenue with this new email product.

How Much of an Impact Does Tensflor Have?

Google has announced that with Tensorflow in place, it is blocking out as much as 100.000 million spam messages each day!

While that doesn’t seem like a lot, when you do the math it does add up substantially. 100 million emails means that for every 10 email users 1 spam email is being deleted. So let’s say that you are a B2B using email marketing to talk about how your virtual assistant solutions can help businesses, and you create a lovely and attractive email using mailchimp. You send this email twice a week. That means that every 10 email recipients are getting your 2 emails every week automatically added into their spam folder. Which then means your 15k program or product times two equals 30k of revenue you are missing out on! It could even add up to more especially if even two of those email recipients are close friends and pass along the news of your “spam” message to other businesses! Talk about sinking your business faster than Titanic!

Meet Your “Life Jacket” InboxIgnite

While you’re drowning in the waters of B2B business email marketing warfare, there is hope! Enter your savior “InboxIgnite”.

What InboxIgnite does is it rescues your beautiful, emails from the never returning black hole of spam!

How? InboxIgnite grows the domain strength of your domain while also providing restorative treatment to your domain so that it “swim” to the business or person’s email and doesn’t end up flushed down the spam toilet!

Another awesome thing InboxIgnuite offers is 24/7, with your permission, it monitors your email constantly so that even while you are on a business vacation with a B2B lead, you don’t have to worry about checking your emails to see if they got read.

Next InboxIgnite works in harmony with major DNS servers as well as SMTP’s, win!

Also you can head on over to InboxIgnite’s website, and use their free test tool, to see if your prophetic emails meant to help B2Bs everywhere, has went into the spam folder of doom! So it’s testing out their services before you invest.

May your B2B email marketing be abundant and forever going strong in business and individual inboxes everywhere!


Manda Martinotti is a freelance writer. She is also an expert in the B2B email deliverability field!

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