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How InboxIgnite Can Save SaleForce’s Email Reputation

Salesforce is a widely known and popular cloud software.  Their software helps manage CRM, or customer relations management.  This is done via social media, and email integration, to name a few.  The problem arising is SalesForce’s emails are being disposed of in the terrifying spam email folder, never to be welcome into the warm and loving home of people’s inboxes.  This translates to literally thousands of dollars from B2Bs and Salesforce itself, being flushed down the toilet. Until now.

Meet InboxIgnite

InboxIgnite is a domain reputation management, and warming software designed to restore and replenish email reputation so that emails will flow in harmony through the receiving inboxes, which means it will no longer be drowning in the spam folder.

Luckily, the problem is quite common and InboxIgnite can easily fix the ongoing problem.  While many people are lead to believe that it is the IP that is creating the problem, in reality the real culprit is the reality of the domain reputation.  What happens is poor reputation or non-existent reputation causes emails to get filtered into the spam folder. Even with the help of postmaster tools is Sales Force will still not have much explanation of what’s really happening.  

What InboxIgnite does is provide a connector which cooperates with your domain.  Within a period of 1-2 weeks, Salesforce will be pleasantly surprised to find that their clients and emails are swimming in the inboxes once more.  Aside from that InboxIgnite will monitor your location and continue to warm up your domain reputation. Before Salesforce knows it they will be the queen bees back in the inbox game!

To learn more about InboxIgnite and how we can help with Saleforce’s emails, or your own, please visit www.inboxignite.com today!


Manda Martinotti is a freelance writer. She is also an expert in the B2B email deliverability field!

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