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Are Your Gmails Going to Spam?

This is the most common problem that people come to me with. Their Gmail subscribers are going to spam. Most email marketers care because at least 85% of their list is Gmail. I’m guessing that you’ve hopped from every ESP, SMTP and MTA service worldwide. You’ll find an “ok” ESP/SMTP/MT...
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Getting Started with Email Marketing

You are probably reading this post because you keep saying “Everything I send goes to SPAM” or ”I’m not even getting to spam”. I’m writing this email marketing tutorial for a reason, I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’m literally writing the book on it....
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Email Deliverability Basics

Email marketing should be easy, right? If you have never email marketed before then your answer is most likely “yes.” But… unfortunately email marketing encompasses something very, very challenging. And that is… deliverability. Email deliverability is the context from which t...
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The Cold Hard Reality of Outbound Emailing

Outbound, non opt-in, email marketing is generally on the “we don’t allow this” list for most SMTPs and ESPs.  The reason being is that the bulk of email marketers (typically affiliates) generate a substantial amount of spam.  Aside from the people that are mailing scraped lists,...
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