The Cold Hard Reality of Outbound Emailing


Outbound, non opt-in, email marketing is generally on the “we don’t allow this” list for most SMTPs and ESPs.  The reason being is that the bulk of email marketers (typically affiliates) generate a substantial amount of spam.  Aside from the people that are mailing scraped lists, you have the next step up which are the people that have a semi-decent list (third-party email marketing list or they are the list owner).  The problem is this, they are trying to monetize the list rather than engage the subscribers.  While that’s obvious, it does tend to cause more complaints (people clicking spam) thus harming the IPs of the provider.  To make it easier, many ESP/SMTP Providers shy away from anyone doing outbound email marketing that isn’t transactional.  However, that’s not to say that you should avoid it,  it’s generating business for many, many firms (see Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross on his time utilizing this to grow Salesforce).

The most important part of outbound email marketing is this: List engagement.  List engagement means that people are at the very least opening your emails.  Ideally, they are clicking the links, not unsubscribing and especially not clicking spam.  It sounds obvious and it really is, there’s no super magic to it.  In fact, if you are doing email marketing from your own servers, you don’t have to get overly bogged down with the technicalities of the server setup (Postfix vs EXIM vs vs Haraka vs PowerMTA vs …).  The single most important analytic that you want to concern yourself with is REPEAT openers/clickers.  

So often, email marketers want to blast their clickers list.  Without knowing more about the clickers list, that list is VERY dangerous.  Here’s why.  You have subscribers that only clicked your link once, didn’t like it and either unsubscribed OR clicked spam.  That’s the reality of your clickers list.  You have “screamers” (people that click spam) on your list.   The biggest hurdle to email marketing in general, is that you have no idea how your list is going to respond, especially with new data.  That’s where Inbox Ignite comes in.

Inbox Ignite focuses on building IP and Domain reputation with all TLDs. by using our transactional messaging network along with artificial intelligence to simulate this behavior and take the guesswork out of the equation. This is the absolute safest list that you can ever mail to warm up your new IP(s) and domains. Imagine mailing to a list that gives you a 75%+ click rate on each blast.  Inbox Ignite works with any ESP or SMTP Service provider – see how powerful that could be?